Slide Gates

Sawhney Industries is one of the leading manufacturer of electric and automatic sliding gates. Sliding Gates are very popular in the commercial and industrial environment as the openings of these areas are wide. We use components of superior quality  in manufacturing of our products . Our gates are made up of stainless steel which provide  resistance against the uneven weather conditions and we always prioritize to give full satisfaction to our customers and clients. 

Main features of sliding gates :

  • they are more convenient as they are automatically operated and does not require any man to operate them. 
  • provide more security as they come with automatic locks and other safety boosting features . So one does not need to get bothered regarding the safety of your personal property.
  • use less space – if someone has a smaller property , then using sliding gates can be very useful as  they slide rather than swing inside and outside at the entrance or exit point.
  • they are more functional as they are ideal to use in places having wide and broader entrances and also for the driveways that have an upward slope.
  • their durability is high as they are designed and manufactured with very high precision technology.
  • they also enhances the visual appeal of the entrance and adds the more market value of the property which later can be easily sold out.


Our company , Sawhney Industries over the past years are providing the best quality products which are competing in the international markets as well .Products manufactured in our company have top – class features like high endurance , resistance to corrosion , high tensile strength and others. All this has been achieved by strong quality control policy at each and every level of our production.  Our manufacturing professionals provide every possible means to further guide our customers for the convenience.