Drag Conveyors

Drag conveyors is a best alternative to the traditional screw ant belt conveyors as they very effectively and efficiently meet the bulk material handling requirement. They are oftenly used to transfer the bulk material across different and varied processes. These drag conveyors are used in various industries as even under the harsh conditions they give their optimal performance.

We at Sawhney industries , design our products with international level of standards using finest components of highest quality . We fabricate drag conveyors of various size , dimensions and length as per the customer’s need and requirement. The steel chains used by our firm can withstand maximum workloads. Even we customize the drag conveyors according to our client’s demand and then we supply the product accordingly. Also , we try to put every possible efforts to give our customers the conveyors which offers friction-less motion even to the heavy loads by doing the correct and accurate measurements , by giving perfect design and light weight possible.

Salient Features of the drag conveyors produced by Sawhney Industries :

  • Light in weight
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Come at reasonable price
  • Strongly built and highly durable
  • Generates low noise
  • Gives high speed

Drag conveyors are generally used in ash handling . dust and grain removal , handling wood waste and many other sectors . They are available in different variants namely straightly inclined , curve inclined , super inclined etc. Drag conveyors are widely used in heavy industries and corporate houses. They always remain in high demand by our customers as they are very robustly built and very high level of performance . Besides this our whole range of drag conveyors is customizable .Our team support you in every possible way to meet your needs and also provide the valuable knowledge and insights regarding the product to the customers so that they can use the products in a hassle free manner . For further details , feel free to contact us .