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Widely acclaimed and renowned  having international level of products , Sawhney Industries was established in 1981 and since its inception it is achieving accolades and acknowledgments from its customers . We at Sawhney Industries provide a wide range of products such as Conveyor belts , Screw Conveyors.


Our main aim is to achieve a strong hold in the market by manufacturing the world -class products so that we can fulfill our customers needs . Because we believe customer satisfaction play a great role in the progress of any industry. And to achieve this we keep on providing timely training to our personnel .


Our vision is to constantly upgrade our products  which we are manufacturing at Sawhney Industries in particular and to the industry in general . We always  priortise in achieveing excellence in the field of manufacturging high end products by keep in mind the customers requirements and needs .

Screw Conveyors Manufacturers and Exporters

Screw conveyors are mostly used to move liquid or particulate materials usually within a tube, Especially, A screw conveyor is a mechanism which uses a rolled out helical screw blade also called as flights. Infrequently, a screw conveyor is also called as helical conveyor or auger conveyor. They are made in this way so that they help in the easy flow of the material, generally semi-solid material like animal feed, wood chips, boiler ash, municipal solid waste, food waste and many others through it in horizontal as well as vertical direction. But the inclined conveyors are more useful and transports the material more effectively. The first screw conveyor was used to pump irrigation water.

Screw conveyors have a number of inlets and material discharging points through which bulk materials can be conveyed and distributed to a number of locations as and when required. For controlling the in and out of the flow, valves can be added to the conveyor. Also, for handling corrosive or hazardous requirements, a closed conveyor can be built.They have some flexibility feature also because of which they can be turned to some extent.

The transportation of semi-solid materials in a screw conveyor occurs when the helix screw-in the trough casing turns. The trough casing of the conveyor can be of round shape, U-shape or also of rectangular shape. 

Also, the particles of the material should be smaller than the screw pitch and the conveyor can have a constant, tapered or variable pitch. Generally, screws with flat – cross sections are more suitable for high-velocity applications.

Materials which have flowability are transported through the screw conveyors and normally sticky and stingy material are avoided to be conveyed through screw conveyors.Also, due to high friction of the materials against the screw and trough leads to higher power consumption, there are some chances of material degradation. Therefore screw conveyors have some limitations in the capacity and distance of conveying of the material. Despite this disability of the screw conveyor, they are rather widely used in large as well as small engineering works .